The identifying headspace conversation

In the uncovering phase of the conversation in headspace, we get to know the young person and identify their challenges. Sometimes the young people do not know why they have come, or what exactly gnaws at them, but we get insight into the different contexts in which the young person is involved. And finally, the identifying phase of the conversation will allow the young person to say things out loud – we make sure to see, hear and understand the young person.

The young person’s point of view

We identify challenges by examining the young person’s perspective. We recognize that the young person is the expert in their own life.

We stay curious and we keep the conversation on the young person’s terms. In other words, we start from their standpoint. We leave our preconceptions and listen actively. We use the young person?s vocabulary and language.

The identifying process

We uncover the different places and context in which the young person engages. E.g. at work, with friends and family, at school, and in their spare time.

By asking about the different contexts in which the young person is involved, we get a lot of information that helps us understand how the young person is doing from a mental-health standpoint.