headspace values

headspace represents values ??that we expect everyone to know and act on when they work both as employees and volunteers in headspace.

we are someone to talk to

Young people seek out headspace voluntarily to talk about their problems and challenges. Our counseling is based on volunteers. This sort of ?double volunteering? creates a special bond and provides a place for the meeting between people.

You are an expert on your own life

Young people are experts on their own lives. They decide what we are going to talk about. We meet the young person with curiosity, respect, and care, and we listen without prejudice. We spend whatever time is needed talking to the young person.

Nothing is too big or too small

All young people can visit headspace – regardless of the degree of dissatisfaction and regardless of the challenges. We build bridges to other organizations and mental health aids if the young person needs different care or something other or more than conversations with two volunteers.

We collaborate

We collaborate with municipalities, regions, and local organizations and associations to strengthen young people’s mental health and well-being. We work together to provide help before their problems become too severe and to ensure that they get the right help quickly.

We want to help

Every decision – from the interior and spacial design of a headspace center to how we are counseling – must benefit young people. We support easy, fast, and unbureaucratic access to help and provide guidance.