Someone to talk to

headspace offers someone to talk to for young people between the age of 12 and 25 years. headspace is a place where everyone is welcome, where nothing is wrong to talk about and where no problems are too big or small and where the young people  decide what to talk about.

You can visit us physically in one of our centers or chat with us online to share thoughts that are difficult to share with others.

headspace is totally free of charge and without any obligations. And you can be anonymous if you wish.

Volunteer counselors

Most of our counselors in headspace are volunteers of all ages: young students, seniors who have worked with young people through their professional work. And people who still go to work but simply cannot help but volunteer.

Common to all volunteers is that we want to give something to the young people. We are interested in meeting young people and listening open-mindedly . Meet some of the volunteers here (in Danish)

Counseling and conversations

We share a common professional ground and adhere to a common method when we talk to the young people. This is how we ensure that we meet the young people the same way, regardless of whether they visit headspace Hjørring or headspace Hvidovre.

We care a lot about learning in headspace. Everyone in headspace is instructed in e.g. legislation and conversation techniques. What is confidentiality? What is the duty to notify? How do we meet a young person in headspace? How do we ensure that our conversations with the young people are good and how do we ensure that we have a good connection and can talk safely together? How do we ensure that we support bridge building to other offers for young people if they need more specialized help than we can offer in headspace.

We ensure that we are constantly learning through our internal learning portal, headspace academy. Here we focus on both compulsory teaching and the exchange of best practices.

Outreach work towards schools

headspace is not just a place that young people can visit. We also reach out.

We collaborate with schools and educational institutions on teaching how to deal with social and mental vulnerability as a young person. We give presentations and workshops on well-being, mental health, and various other themes, for example about self-doubt, about mastering the  everyday life, and about making mistakes.

If you would like for us to visit your school, your workplace, or someplace else, contact your local headspace. Find your local headspace here (in Danish)

headspace works

All young people who receive counseling in headspace are encouraged to evaluate the help they have received. We use the data – which is anonymized – to improve our service. And the data shows that headspace really works and helps young people.

Several external analyzes have painted the same picture: headspace is an effective health-promoting and preventive initiative that lives up to its goal of doing what we say and saying what we do. It is quite simple: we are someone to talk to.