Call us, text us, chat with us or show up in person

We are someone to talk to

Do you have something that you find difficult in your life, do you need to say some things out loud, or do you need to lighten your heart? Nothing is too big or small to contact headspace.

You are an expert in your own life, and we can help you put into words what is difficult. Together we can break old thought patterns and see everyday life in a new way and create new possibilities.

headspace centers are located in many cities across Denmark. You can call us, send a message, chat with us or just show up – remember to check our opening hours. You will find them, our number, and address on the local headspace pages (in Danish).

You can talk about everything

In headspace, you can talk about everything. Nothing is wrong and we are ready to listen and talk about exactly what you want to talk about.

Maybe you are not really sure what is bothering you. Maybe you just need to talk to someone. Maybe you, like many others, have a hard time dealing with everyday life? No matter what, we are here to help you.

You can read more about what topics other young people talk to us about in headspace right here (in Danish). You can also meet young people who have found support in headspace (text in Danish).


You can be 100% anonymous when you chat with us, and it is completely free.

Our online chat works almost as a regular headspace counselling session only online. We are here if you need someone to listen to you, and we are also happy to help you find the right help elsewhere if needed.

A chat conversation typically lasts between half an hour and an hour. Therefore, there can be a queue at times, but our skilled volunteers work hard to reach everyone who wants a conversation.

As we take turns chatting, it is not possible to ask for specific employees, but we can guarantee that no matter who you talk to, you are anonymous and we will always try to help you as best as possible.

We do not start new conversations half an hour before the chat closes to ensure that there is enough time to have proper conversations.

In acute and life-threatening situations, we will refer you to your own doctor or 112, otherwise, we will be forced to compromise on anonymity to help you in the best possible way.